Sr. Product Designer / 4+ years (still here)

BambooHR builds online HR software for small and medium businesses. As a senior product designer I have been able to lead the design on a wide range of product features and have a significant impact on product direction. I helped to establish an evolving visual design language for both the desktop and mobile apps while working hand-in-hand with product managers to research and validate product direction.

As a "full stack" designer, I have led efforts from initial research with customers (including on-site contextual inquiry) to wireframes, low-fidelity prototypes, usability testing, high-fidelity visual design and finally to working closely with development to ensure everything was built to our standards (which were high).




User Experience Designer – 1 year, 2 months

I worked on the Amazon Family team, researching and designing the future of the Amazon Baby Registry. My time there included designing a mobile version of the baby registry, used by millions of expecting families to help prepare for their new arrival. Highlights included researching and creating a new version of Jumpstart, which provided an interactive checklist for new parents to better understand what they needed on their registry.

It was here that I learned a lot about what kind of culture and company I want to be a part of. 




Sr. User Experience Designer – 4 years, 10 months

As a part of the design team at Workfront (called AtTask while I was there), I was able to completely redefine the product direction. Through heavy research we realized the secret was to focus on individual contributors and their experience in the product. Before then, they were largely ignored in favor of the primary persona, project managers. As the a result the project manager experience was counter-intuitively made far worse.

We completely redesigned the product with this in mind and formed the foundation for what lives today.




User Experience Designer - Just 8 months (hey, I was young)

It was at Omniture (now Adobe) that I cut my teeth on the complexities of enterprise-level application design. I worked on what were at the time called SiteCatalyst and the behemoth Discover. As a young designer, I was granted opportunities to learn about the reality and importance of interaction design, prototyping (we used paper prototypes way back then), and user personas. It was here that I discovered and studied Cooper's user centered design method, which helped form the foundation of my interaction and visual design philosophy.



Freelance Work

I've been lucky enough to spend many of my nights and weekends working with some great companies to help to them build beautiful, simple, world-class software. Shown are a few of my favorites. I have a passion for what I do, and it doesn't suddenly turn off at 5:00 PM every day. Freelance work has served as a creative outlet for me, while continuing to allow me to refine my craft on a variety of different projects.